Thursday, February 07, 2008


I have to admit 2008 started with a yawn, but now it's getting one toe on the bedroom floor and starting to waken.

I was thrilled to have been blogged by
what a delight.
I've been lurking about that site for quite some time-- at LEAST 5 times a week.
It's a great source of info on what's going on, and where to go thats crafty, arty and neato.

What a great decision it was to post on their flickr group.
Good people it looks like I'll be visiting there more than I did prior.

Other than that it's good to get back on the blogger saddle.
I was distracted with posting rants and info on
and it just seems that there isn't enough time to work a business, a side business, get groceries,
enjoy a few drinks with my wife, laundry...the mind boggles if I had kids...

I am working on a number of projects and with the longer and brighter days so to is my
creative buzz..longer and brighter.
The time around the holidays ALWAYS saps my want and desire to create.
Its a great time of year for family and friends, but the nonsense that it all entails is and can be overwhelming.

I look forward to rejoining my cohorts on
and having a tea....haven't enjoyed a tea in a remarkably long time.

thanks for reading,

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Sheree Rensel said...

Don't have kids! .... Well, I suppose I shouldn't say that. I had ONE, raised her all by myself, and lived to tell about it. Kids are good for some. I like having her all grown up, but they take a LOT of time and a LOT of money to get them that way. I guess it depends on how bad you want them. LOL LOL