Wednesday, October 22, 2008


octskull1, originally uploaded by gnarledbranch.

mixed media on reclaimed vinyl record...

all my records that I paint on were far too damaged to play anymore and were destined for landfill...

a pushpin through the middle is all that is needed to mount.

no$$$ framing required!


octskull2, originally uploaded by gnarledbranch.

October.... I'll miss the warmer weather..but Hallowe'en is around the corner--and I get GIDDY!

Here's a sampling of a number of record paintings that could haunt your walls...


This piece is now SOLD!

Friday, October 10, 2008


Monster!!, originally uploaded by gnarledbranch.

Even though I love painting horror or creepy themes...I can't
abandon the fun of colours and humour...



Sparrow, originally uploaded by gnarledbranch.

The first in a series of 'Sliced' works.

Trick or Treat 2

Trick or Treat 2, originally uploaded by gnarledbranch.

Hallowe'en is by far my favourite time of I've been fooling around with some techniques and medium to provide a spooky
look...hope you like it!

Saturday, October 04, 2008

APW arts

APW arts, originally uploaded by shimmerstolz.

APW Gallery in New York...

Three of my records are shown here in the middle...
roadkill bird
teen on bike
and the pink weirdos at the top...

photo credit shimmerstolz--who by the way had some pieces in the show that blew my mind...very inventive--wish I could've been there to see in person.

APW arts gallery opening

APW arts gallery opening, originally uploaded by shimmerstolz.

Opening night at APW Gallery featuring vinyl record artists from around the world.
I submitted 4 pieces.

photo credit- shimmerstolz