Friday, April 24, 2009

New Works

Here are some dribs and drabs of newer pieces...record art,canvas work etc. Be sure to drop by here for the rest...

Thursday, April 09, 2009

NOW magazine

A few weeks ago I installed my art and painted records at Mad Factory Boutique Salon

They were recently featured on NOW Toronto and a few pics and a quick plug about my work was mentioned.

Thursday, April 02, 2009

Baby Food Jar Lid Pins

Hello all, and happy Spring- so refreshing to be able to step outside and get a little spring air in the ole windbags...

This post will document the steps involved to make jar lid pins - baby food jar lids (to give you a sense of scale) and each piece has an original painting inside protected by resin and a pin mount attached to the back.
I really don't know if there's anything like this out there, I've googled and checked Etsy , so this might be kinda new and fresh!
They will be available for sale on my website as well as Etsy when I get pics posted there...

This is pretty much a sneak peek for you Gnarled Blog readers...

The above is the sheet of relatively finished mini paintings ... drawn and painted
to within requirements of the diameter.

The image is now placed in the cap with resin coating cured.

Pin mount is attached to the back using a high quality adhesive that bonds metal to metal.

Ready for market!

Thanks and don't forget to see me on Youtube and Flickr... look up The Gnarled Branch!