Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Highs and Lows

Well how's it goin'?
Things around the GB are improving a bit. Slowly. HA.
I can't wait for the warm weather to firmly set her butt cheeks over this house -cause I'm tired of hearing my old furnace come on and envisioning $$$ going to Enbridge Gas...
You'll notice the piece I posted here...it's called Billybot.
I did it and 4 other pieces for a group show at a gallery in Hamilton, ON .
Godamn Robots show opening April 13th at 7pm.
Billybot is a painting on top of a record cover, some Billy Ocean album... I think it works.
I do a ton of paintings on vinyl records--that are too damaged to play...so in doing so I have a heap of album covers sitting there for future projects.
I recently got news I was accepted into a Burlington Arts Shoppe... more on that later...very nice venue and very nice people.
However, the wallet is very slim but I have a feeling that won't last much longer -i hope...I guess when it rains it pours but I'd prefer constant work not peaks and valleys--but thats par for the course I guess when you freelance .... sigh.
I need a coffee that will uplift my jangled nerves .

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