Friday, March 07, 2008

Upcoming Events--- confirmed shows!

Despite the fact there's heaping amounts of snow outside, with more snow forecasted--I know Spring will make her grand entrance soon.


Well, I am grasping to this notion to keep from going completely nutty-- AND more importantly, it's Craft/Art show application time.

The 'wonderful' time of year where artisans try to figure out which show to apply for- which ones that are reasonable as far as fees go, which new ones to try out for, and all the while keeping their fingers crossed that they are accepted.

Thus far I am in 2 shows this spring.

1. REuse+REclaim+REcycle Craft Show

THE imadeit SHOP

This one is in Kitchener and I'm quite looking forward to meeting new folks and artists.

I will probably pop in the pub in Waterloo "Failte" afterwards for a pint and some nibblies.

Oh and can't forget to visit my pal Brent who owns the Eldon Gallery in Waterloo...if you are

into buying original art-that place is chock full of art.

2. The Brampton Art Fair

Brampton. You wouldn't think there's much going on there as far as the cool and unique stuff goes...well don't be fooled, there is--and thanks to the good folks at the Brampton Art Fair there's now a really good venue to show their wares.

It's well organized, fresh ideas, great communication between the organizers and the vendors.

I think this is the case because the organizers themselves are artists- and know where the vendor is coming from.

It all takes place at the Rose Theatre.

I urge you to check out their site.

Well that's it for me --- I have a boatload of pictures to upload to my website...LP's, paintings, painted boxes..oh and a links page.

Tired, and weary but I'm very excited about whats rumbling around the feet of the Gnarled Branch.

stay warm and safe!


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Keep up the good work.